the imperishable concrete texture timeless icon unicom starker introduces this essential material in five special hues for contemporary architectures

Bone White

Bone White Mosaic

Bone White Stripes

Dove Grey

Dove Grey Mosaic

Dove Grey Stripes

Gun Powder

Gun Powder Mosaic

Gun Powder Stripes

Bone White Hex

Dove Grey Hex

Gun Powder Hex

Jet Black

Jet Black Mosaic

Jet Black Stripes

Jet  Black Hex

Taupe Back

Taupe Back Mosaic

Taupe Back Stripes

Taupe Back Hex


This Collection is available

in the following sizes: 


Stripes Mosaic 


6 x 36

12 x 24

18 x 36 

24 x 24

24 x 48

32 x 32

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